11 Move-In Day Tips You Will Thank Me For!



The one and only thing that the tiny college freshmen and the big bad seniors can relate to is the #struggle called move-in day. Most people say that move-in day gets better after freshman year… nope. They are wrong. If anything, I think move-in day gets even worse with each year. Many universities allow the upperclassmen to live off campus and move into spacious apartments or houses, and unfortunately, more space just means more stuff… I am getting exhausted and stressed out just thinking about move-in day, even though mine is still well over a month away. Lucky for you, here are a few move-in day tips to optimize your time and create less exhaustion!



1. Do NOT Wait Until the Last Minute 

If I had to write a blog post with only one move-in day tip, this would most definitely be it. You have over 8 weeks of Summer vacation for crying out loud so please I beg of you, pick up a few things for your dorm each week. You don’t want to be the student running around Bed, Bath & Beyond  two days before school starts realizing that the only twin XL sheets left have Barbies on them.

2. Plan Who is Bringing What

The moment you get your roommate and room assignment, get in touch with them! Dividing up what to bring will save you so much time and money! This is also a great way to get to know your roommate before school starts. If you live close by, I definitely suggest meeting up with them at some point so the initial meeting moment doesn’t have to be during the chaos of move-in day.

3. If You See It, Buy It

Trust me, I know from experience. The tapestry or comforter you want will not be there for long so if you see it online or in stores, snag it before anyone else does.  You will be upset to find that after you and your roommate have every nook and cranny of your room planned out, the tapestry you need is out of stock for another 6 months.

4. Labels, Labels, Labels 

Label EVERYTHING. There is no point in putting together a box or container if you have no clue what’s in it. Having to rip everything out defeats the purpose of why you put everything in there in the first place.

5. Strategically Organize the Car

Get your car together at least 2 days before move-in. I know this sounds crazy but I’m not kidding. Imagine it is the morning of move-in day and you are getting your car together… oh no, all your stuff can’t fit in one car… what do we do now? If you had tried organizing the car a few days earlier you would have had time to borrow another (or bigger) car, or even rent a U-Haul if need be.

6. Plan Out Your Room Decorations 

Whether it’s pictures, a desk lamp, or a fluffy pillow make sure you know exactly where it’s going before you move in. Most people make the mistake of focusing too much time on this and do not have the time to organize their important things. Make sure that the important items are put away first, then you can make changes if the room doesn’t have the feng shui you are looking for.

7. Wear Comfortable Clothes!

I understand that you are trying to make a good impression to your fellow students, but trust me ladies, that sundress can wait. You are going to be running up and down the stairs and in and out of the building, so wear something that is easy to move in, like shorts or leggings. Trust me, if it is a windy day you will thank me about the sundress thing…

8. Assign Everyone A Job

Your mom, dad, brother, sister, even your dog… seriously, whoever is helping you move in cannot just stand around. This is a huge undertaking and the last family bonding activity before they leave. This saves a boatload of time if everyone just helps out with something. And make sure you assign the jobs so you know exactly what everyone is in charge of so nothing gets lost in the shuffle.

*Also: Please do not argue with your family! I get it that this is a very stressful moment, but they really are doing the best they can. Do you want your parting memory to be a huge fight? Everyone on your floor can hear you arguing so please don’t make that your first impression.

9. Pack Snacks

This is going to be a major energy expending day so you’re going to need a lot of snacks! You need lots of energy! Remember to stay hydrated – you don’t want to feel faint or light headed. You may not be able to break for lunch or dinner until you have finished organizing, so plan accordingly.

10. Move Quickly and Efficiently 

Don’t move so fast to the point where you’re done in 10 minutes but also don’t move so slowly where you miss your first floor meeting at 5:00. If you follow the tips listed I can assure you that you will be done and organized in no time.

11. Please Do Not Stress Out 

If only I could attach a picture of the way my freshman room looked before we started organizing… (Don’t worry I won’t do that to you because that might give you heart palpitations). Seriously, don’t sweat it. The more you stand around just looking at how much stuff you have, the more anxious you will get. To answer the questions I know you have: Yes, you will somehow manage to fit everything and yes, you definitely forgot a few things at home and that’s ok! Your parents can ship whatever you need to your dorm.

Most importantly… Reward yourself for a hard day’s work 🙂

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