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NPPF Still Scholarship

Overview of the NPPF Still Scholarship


Application Month: March

(Check the scholarship page for the exact date and please note the deadlines sometimes can change).

Minimum GPA requirement:

There is no GPA requirement for this scholarship.

Eligible Grade Levels:

College Junior,College Senior,College Sophomore

Eligible Majors:

Journalism, Journalism and Mass Communication, Journalism and Mass Communication, Other, Journalism, Print, Journalism, Visual, Photography


Applicants need to have completed one year at a recognized four-year college or university having courses in photojournalism, and must be continuing in a program leading to a bachelor’s degree. Applicants need to have a minimum of one-half year of undergraduate schooling reamaining at time of award. Award is aimed at an applicant with journalism potential, but with little opportunity and great need. Please review the scholarship provider’s website for current details.

TUN Scholarship Index Rating:

We rank the NPPF Still Scholarship a 4.625 out of 5 based on the amount being offered and ease of application.


Eligibility Ease

Amount Offered

Total Rating

Overall Rating: 4.625

Visit the NPPF Still Scholarship
website to see full details, additional requirements and how to apply for this scholarship!