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Marion Huber Learning Through Listening Awards

About the Marion Huber Learning Through Listening Awards

*** Updated April 26, 2021 ***

Learning Ally, a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving literacy, offers scholarships for educators and outstanding students with print and learning disabilities. The Marion Huber Learning Through Listening (LTL) Awards are offered to high school seniors with learning disabilities. All applicants for this award must be Learning Ally members. Applicants must submit a personal narrative in writing and a video recording discussing their learning differences and how their experiences with Learning Ally have impacted them.

Scholarship Amount: $6,000

Eligible Grade Levels: High School Senior

Eligible Majors: There is no major requirement for this scholarship.

Residency Requirement: There is no state residency requirement for this scholarship.

Minimum GPA: There is no minimum GPA requirement for this scholarship.

Deadline: November 30, 2020

Please note that scholarship deadlines often change, so make sure to check the scholarship sponsor’s website for up-to-date deadlines.

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