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The 6 Most Popular Jobs for College Students

We have put together this list of popular internships, summer jobs, and part-time jobs for college students.

Software Engineer

Whether it is web development or traditional software engineering, there are a lot of internships in almost every language and web stack.

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Data Science Intern

Businesses of every type and size are increasingly looking for students who have data science knowledge or want to deepen their knowledge.

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Pharmacy Intern

Pharmacy students are in great demand, and that demand does not seem to be waning anytime soon.

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Online Tutor

From test prep to teaching piano, there’s a shortage of online tutor jobs pretty much in every subject or art form.

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Social Media Intern

From TikTok to Twitter, companies are eager for you to help them navigate social media in an authentic way.

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Brand Ambassador

If you are outgoing, organized, and happy to engage on social media on your campus, you are ready to be a brand ambassador.

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