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Resume Privacy Choices

No Online Resume

I won’t fill out a resume and when I apply for jobs. I may send a  pdf of my existing resume to a prospective employer at that time.

  • Invisible mode.
  • Employers only get to see what you are willing to share at the time you apply for a job.

Least Exposure

Hidden Resume

I’ll fill out the online resume, but will not publish it for the world to see.  I only want employers to see my resume.

  • When you apply for a job, Employers can see your online resume.
  • Verified Employers can also see your resume through search.

More Exposure

Published Resume

I’ll fill out the online resume, and publish it for the world to see online.  I understand that anyone can see this. Similar to LinkedIn.

  • Control the Message! When employers search for you online, they’ll see a resume that you control.
  • Much more exposure.

Most Exposure