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The Essence of Leadership: Explorations from Literature


While you are at your desk, writing reports and crunching numbers, do you often daydream of packing your bags and going on an adventure like Don Quixote? Or do you see yourself starting a revolution and changing the world like Saint Joan? Do you find yourself pushing boundaries and exploring questions about the universe like Galileo? The Essence of Leadership interprets literature and draws lessons for leadership and effective management. This course reads between the lines of some of the greatest works of literature connects the dots to help you transform into an inspirational leader. Characters in literature represent more than what they seem to be and are often allegories of moral transformation. The course creates parallels with select works of literature and the multi-dimensional world of management while exploring these worlds with unique attributes of leadership that each character brings to the story. Delve into the exciting world of complex and compelling stories with us. As you learn more about Quixote’s crazy quirks and Galileo’s societal responsibilities, we hope you reflect and learn more about yourself as a leader. Discover your own unique brand of leadership from the chapters of classic literature.

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Language: English

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