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One Planet, One Ocean


Is the ocean the real final frontier? Humans have a greater understanding of the surface of the moon than they do of the depths of these waters. But what we know of the ocean proves it hosts a wealth of opportunity – connecting the world; supporting important and basic economic, cultural and environmental functions – despite being under significant threat. Stressed by unsustainable lifestyles and the increasing demands of a growing global population, how do we become good stewards of this massive natural resource?In this course, learn from the world’s leading experts on ocean science. They will present the issues and potential solutions – grounded in rigorous scientific research – to fight for our endangered waters.This course is for: Those who loved Planet Earth and The Blue Planet. Sustainable development practitioners who need a science-based overview of preservation and conservation of the oceans and the ecosystems they support Private-sector actors – such as those who work in corporate sustainability and responsibility, energy, fishing and other industries connected to the oceans – who are interested in understanding the sustainable interaction of their field with these resources Graduate students and advanced undergraduate students studying oceanography, environmental science, environmental law, sustainable development, sustainable business and related fields Climate change activists or practitioners interested in the current science and governance of ocean use and preservation

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