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Leveraging Urban Mobility Disruptions to Create Better Cities


Over the next 11 sessions we will explore a wide variety of topics that relate to recently emerged new mobility systems and learn how new mobility can be leveraged to increase equity, health, and improve accessibility. The course material is designed to have a global impact by taking advantage of an established network of academic partners, each bringing relevant expertise and representing distinct empirical settings. The international nature of this course will allow you to gain multiple social perspectives and familiarity with transportation challenges and solutions from different parts of the world. Specifically, we bring together professors who teach transportation in Europe, Asia, Latin America, Africa, and the USA. Our team, lead by professors Chris Zegras (MIT), Jinhua Zhao (MIT) and Carlos Pardo (NUMO), includes one of the world’s preeminent mobility social entrepreneurs (Robin Chase), as well as interviews with entrepreneurs and city planners from across the globe. Brought together, this course provides insight to understand the urban mobility challenges and opportunities from all angles. The course team partnered with the non-governmental global transportation alliance (NUMO) dedicated to understanding how the emerging “new mobility” paradigm can be effectively leveraged to create better and more equitable cities. Among other topics, we will discuss land use and urban form, new mobility and start-up business models, pricing, policy, technology and data. And, through the exploration of behavioral economics – you will gain knowledge about how human psychology can be used to change travel behavior. Ten Shared Mobility Principles for Livable Cities will serve as a roadmap in exploration and mitigation of challenges that many cities are currently facing. This course is recommended to anyone who is currently in the field of transportation or urban planning (professionals and government officials) or wants to learn more (students). The course team includes: Chris Zegras, Ph.D., MIT Robin Chase, M.S. (MIT), NUMO/Zipcar co-founder Natalia Barbour, Ph.D., MIT Jinhua Zhao, Ph.D., MIT Carlos Pardo, M.A.,(LSE), NUMO Francisco Pereira, Ph.D., Denmark Technical University Carlos Azevedo, Ph.D., Denmark Technical University Lynette Cheah, Ph.D., Singapore University of Technology and Design Christo Venter, Ph.D., University of Pretoria (South Africa) Juan Carlos Munoz, Ph.D., Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile Ricardo Giesen, Ph.D., Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

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