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Financial Accounting and Analysis


Are you one of those professionals who is curious and wants to learn about financial statements, but is intimidated by financial numbers and jargon? Then this course is for you! In this course, we will demystify accounting jargon, help you understand financial statements and analyse them for better decisions. Whatever be your background – marketing, operations, supply chain, strategy, engineering or others, in today’s competitive world, you need to use and interpret crucial financial data for making informed decisions. This course will enable you to: Understand the various elements of financial statements Apply accounting principles related to its preparation Use tools and techniques to analyse and interpret the key parameters of financial performance The course has direct application and high relevance in every professional’s life. Concepts learnt in the course can be applied in day to day management for improving operations and creating value for the organization. You will also be able to assess financial implications of your decisions. The course will be covered in an easy, simple and interactive manner through various hands-on activities, short cases and easy-to-understand examples. No previous finance knowledge is needed. Come armed with enthusiasm and curiosity to learn.

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