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Enterprise Selling


Selling is one of the most crucial and oldest professions and it is an extremely marketable skill for most consulting, management and executive positions. In fact, for many careers in business, the starting point is sales. In this course you will get the chance to learn how to “sell” to senior executives in enterprises . Do you think; You could sell a $1,000,000 services deal to a team of experienced executives at a multinational corporation? You could close an annual software contract for $50,000 to the founding team of a fast moving startup? Youcan convincea C-level executive to make a purchase decision and choose your business You have the communication skills that will enable you to sell your ideas, services, products, and most importantly yourself! Over the duration of this course, enterprise selling, you will have opportunity to learn sales concepts like the sales cycle, buying process, and managing enterprise customers through a variety of lectures, case studies, and video role play analysis. There will be an opportunity to see the sales process in action, taking potential customers and converting them into enterprise accounts, enabling you to practice your skills to become a sales leader.

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Language: English

Enterprise Selling through edX, a platform for education founded by Harvard and MIT.

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