The University Network

 ✰ The University Network is looking for talented & passionate individuals who:

1. have expert tips and advice to offer to college students.

2. have a passion for writing, a knack for storytelling, and/or experience in original reporting (journalism majors, anyone?)!


Become a contributing writer at TUN and create real impact!

The University Network (TUN) is an advocate and a resource center for college students. Our goal is to empower college students through our content. Join the TUN Team to influence millions of other college students with your ideas!

►Benefits (what’s in it for you?)

➱ What you get:

Real-world skills – Content creation is the real deal (highly sought skill) these days. Hone in on your research, blogging/writing, and marketing skills all at once.

Social influence – Your ideas should not stay in your head! Share your thoughts & influence others!

A great portfolio – For those in the creative field, a portfolio is a must – have your creative and editorial assets ready, as you will surely need them in the future!

►Responsibilities and Requirements

➱ Write & Submit Articles (on time!)

Get your creative juice on paper => submit it  => we will publish it once we feel it’s the best it can be! 

➱ Approved Content Areas:

A. Resource Content: tips & resources for college students

B. News Content: positive developments happening on college campuses in the areas of advocacy, sustainability, technology and the like.

⇣ If you’re ready to take a step forward, fill out this google form! ⇣