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Scholarship Addicts Sweepstakes – $500 – Apply every two months

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This scholarship awards you for the effort, not for the results. Apply to as many scholarships as you can to win more scholarships!

This scholarship is awarded every two months. Bookmark this page and check back soon!

Are you that person who has applied for a million scholarships and keeps losing? (It’s okay, this is a safe space). If your answer to that question is a pitiful yes, I am here with some really exciting news: there is still hope for you. It turns out that there is a scholarship out there just for pathetic(ly adorable) college students like you! This scholarship will pay you $500 if you can prove that you’ve entered a ton of other scholarships. Yes, it’s a scholarship ABOUT scholarships. Kind of Matrix-y right?

Apply for as many other scholarships as you can, and send in the confirmation emails that you’ve applied. Then, write a short letter telling about yourself to enter for a chance to win $500. Submit your application to 


Must be a United States citizen to apply. Contest occurs every two months. One entry per contest period.

How to Apply: Send in confirmation of the emails you have received from applying for other scholarships. You can forward the actual emails, paste them into one email, make a PDF of them, or any other method. Then, write a short letter about yourself, answering questions such as why you need the money or what your plans are for your life.

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