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Online Survival Tools For PhD Thesis Writing

Embarking on your PhD is an exciting time, but it’s also a time that can be fraught with worry. Now more than ever, you need to make sure your academic writing is really up to scratch. If you’re concerned about your writing, there’s lots of tools online now that will help you get it right. Here’s some of the best survival tools online to make your life that little bit easier.

Easy Word Count: First things first, you need to keep track of your word count. It’ll help you keep any assignments within their word limits, and you’ll be able to see whether you need to expand or cut back on any points in your writing. Just paste your thesis or any other writing into this tool, and you’ll get an accurate word count.

Assignment Help: You need to make sure you have the very basics of academic writing down, or the rest of your work won’t get the recognition that it deserves. This site is a fantastic resource if you need to brush up on your grammar skills. There’s also a lot of help with citation, so you can ensure you’re giving credit correctly.

UK Writings: Your dissertation will be possibly the most important document you will ever write. Don’t shoulder the whole responsibility yourself. If you’re struggling, need some guidance, or want someone to go through any finished writing with you, this writing service is your best bet.

Readability Score: Your ideas could be amazing, but if the reader is struggling to understand your writing, they won’t understand them. Use this tool to check your writing is accessible. It will compare your writing against several readability scales, and give you the average reading age needed to understand your writing.

Refseek: This is probably one of the easiest ways to find academic documents online. All you have to do is plug in your topic, and there will be a host of journals, books and newspapers to choose from. They’ll all be academically verified too, so you know they’re good references to use in your work.

J Spell: Every academic document should be spell checked before it’s submitted. The default spell checker in your text editor can’t hold up to this one, though. It’ll be able to find spelling and grammatical errors, including contextual spelling errors which are often harder to spot.

Boom Essays: Once your thesis is ready, you’ll have spend months with it, fine tuning it until you’re happy. That’ll make the proofreading job much harder though, as you’ll know what you meant to say and so miss mistakes you’ve made. Instead, ask this writing service to proofread it. They’ll be able to catch and correct any errors before your submit it.


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Mind Meister: Mind mapping is one of the best ways of planning any piece of academic writing. This tool can be used right in your web browser without any downloads, so you can start planning out your thesis at the click of a button.

Essayroo: This writing service specialises in academic writing, so they know what should and shouldn’t go into your thesis. Give them your drafts, and they can make useful edits for you. You’ll be well on the way to getting excellent grades with them.

CiteItIn: This online bibliography maker will help you create references in APA, MLA and Chicago styles. CiteItIn is free and easy to use.

Google Scholar: This tool is a great way of doing initial reading before you start writing up anything for your thesis. Get some ideas about the academic thinking around your subject, and you’ll be ready to plan.



Try these tools out, and writing your thesis will be a whole lot easier on you. There’s no need to go it alone when there’s so much help out there.

Mary Walton is an online tutor from Santa Monica. She writes for Resumention and blogs at Simple Grad. Mary loves to travel and develops online course helping PhD students to write thesis statements.